The 2017/18 Olio delle Caselle Extra Virgin Olive Oil should prove to be another fantastic year for taste and quality. We have just returned from the harvest in Italy and the trees have been picked, the olives have been cold pressed and the oil is now in storage to let it settle. Bottling should be prime after the New Year. As this is an artisinal product, the units are hand filled by the family. It does prove to be an other reason for the family to get together with fine food and wine, Oh and fill a few thousand bottles of oil. 

     If you were not aware, all of the Caselle EVOO's are not filtered but rely on the traditional method of letting the olive oil stand and then remove sediments that might occure. Filtering might be faster but it tends to remove some of the special qualities of the EVOO. 

   Once again our limitedly produced Madonna Antonia EVOO made from the superior Moraiolo olive, will not be available this year. Sorry again to all you Madonna lovers. Unforntunately the Moraiolo olive trees have not fully come back after the blight of 2014/15. The olives still do not meet the Cimicchi's taste standards - there's hope again for next year. 

     During our recent trips to Italy, the staff here at Caselle Italian Imports has been working hard to locate new and exciting products to bring back to the U.S. market. The family is working on a number of new ideas that we will soon be available to you.

     Our new cosmetic line of soaps and creams, all made with our quality EVOO's, have been a huge success. We have fully stocked all the products and they are now available online in unscented, lavender and citrus. Consider giving them a try. You will love the results.

     Here at Caselle Italian Imports we have made it our goal to bring you only the best Italian products. We are again looking forward to working with the Cimicchi's to ensure that you are receiving one of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils available.  


Remember, Caselle Italian Imports is still stocking Fabbi Traditionale Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and a new label for Fabbi: Del Bonaghino Condimento. The Fabbi Family has been producing one of the top authentic balsamic vinegars in Italy for four generations. Produced using rigid DOP standards; don't be fooled by inexpensive imitation balsamic vinegars. Please check it out. You will not be disappointed.

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